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Welcome 2018.
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Welcome 2018.

 Welcome 2018

As we said goodbyes to year 2017--2018 arrived and we welcomed it with open arms and a smile on the face. After all it's a new year, a year with new hopes, dreams and expectation right?
Everyone want to have a new resolution  which can be great if we keep it up with it.

These are my thoughts from my soul and see if these relates to you as well. For me 2017 was a good year. I learned alot, met new people. I kind of became an outgoing person. My older daughter turned 18 this year and I kind of found myself again.

Just a thought...

Happy New Year to all my friends.
It's a new year and as everyone says that they are going to bring some change into their lives. This year I think we really need to look at ourselves in a very positive  way even when the things are not going so great. I know that If we put the positive thoughts and wishes into the universe, we definitely will get the positive results. 
I think that it's very important to give a thanks  to the people, we have in our lives for being there for us.


Slow down and breath!

We all get caught up in our everyday life in general like routine of getting up in the morning, get yourself and kids ready (if you have any) for their school, breakfast, then go to work or whatever your chores are to do for the day. We have become machine and we have forgotten that there is something extra ordinary out there that happens to us every morning when we wake up. I call it 
" A present"! where are given a second chances to do things right.


Happy new year everyone. 
Let's start our new year with a positive note here. First, lets begin  inviting abundance into our life. Look at the things in our life that makes us happy, makes us feel fulfilled. Thanks god to give us opportunities so we can make changes for the better in our lives. We don't know what is held in our future, but with the positive outlook and thinking we can make a life better place for all of us. Let's learn from each other and help others who are in need.

Nirvana Bracelets

I want to say thank you.... I bought a prayer bracelet for my husband it is for protection, security and calm. Wow a few days later his coworkers requested the same bracelet for them too...
I can't tell you how much the bracelet protected him. I bought one for each member of my family. I encourage everyone to get one. It works people!!!!!! it really does. 
Thank you again
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