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My thoughts
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Don't take anyone for granted.
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It's never too late...
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Happy new year everyone. 
Let's start our new year with a positive note here. First, lets begin  inviting abundance into our life. Look at the things in our life that makes us happy, makes us feel fulfilled. Thanks god to give us opportunities so we can make changes for the better in our lives. We don't know what is held in our future, but with the positive outlook and thinking we can make a life better place for all of us. Let's learn from each other and help others who are in need.

Nirvana Bracelets

I want to say thank you.... I bought a prayer bracelet for my husband it is for protection, security and calm. Wow a few days later his coworkers requested the same bracelet for them too...
I can't tell you how much the bracelet protected him. I bought one for each member of my family. I encourage everyone to get one. It works people!!!!!! it really does. 
Thank you again


Thank you so much shradha for my intention bracelets(protection, self control) at first I was skeptical, but with time ull feel their true Positive strength. I talked to shradha about my anger and severe anxiety issue and how it had been affecting my life(family , relationships, etc...) Shradha was able to analize my situation and talked to me about the bracelets, i kinda thought it was weird at first but i tusted her. I havent taken any medication for 3 months now, its hard to believe but it helped.


Ever since I started wearing the Intention Bracelet, My life has been more serine and claming. I am alot more focused at work, and it has helped me out with my relationship with my mother. People it's not a spectacle or something that’s made up. I've seen her at her work. Not only working with people, I’ve seen her at work with animals as well. I recommend anyone willing to try the Intention Bracelet, believe me it works. Not only do I wear one but my boyfriend wears one as well and it has helped him out alot with his stress, and his temper. – Tania

Dont take anyone for granted.

This is something made me realized that life is so small and we really don't know what going to happen in next minute in our life. 

It was around 11.30 or so and everyone in the hospital were talking about this particular dog and was I got interested and asked what was going on? I was told that this one particular family came in the hospital not  because they wanted to but for the county gave them no choice. They had a big German Shepard dog who was around 7 years old.
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