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My thoughts
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It's never too late...
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Animal coounication

The Gift of Animal Communication.
Posted on Tuesday, April 17, 2012 10:25 AM
When I was in Laguna Beach last summer at a training with James Van Praagh, I met an amazing woman who had gifts beyond even her comprehension.  But as we became better friends, I began to realize just how gifted she was.
When we were having lunch one day, she just turned to me to say,"the darker cat is the one who is missing you more.  She is really worried about you." Of course, I immediately thought of Abby.

Smile please!

.One smile of yours can bring happiness in others' learn to smile even if the world doesn't treat u fine cause when u spread love you get back love multiplied...!

Message for us all....

Today, Wednesday...
As I started to do my mediation today.....calling on all my angels and spirit guides, masters and god. I, as usual startED to fly in the sky in the clouds. It  is the most wonderful feeling I get whenever I do the mediation ..I love it.... Today's mediation was different-l little emotional I must  say. I mean I always go to places and get the information before hand about some significant event which takes place ...This particular one I want to share with you all.


I was having a challenging time with my cat, Abby.  Shradha was able to "diagnose" the problem over the phone by intuitive communication.  I followed Shardha's instructions and Abby stopped her behavior.  Just like that. Amazing!"

Penny C.  Portland, Oregon

Happy 2012.

It's  2012..THE NEW YEAR....First of all, I just want to wish everyone a very happy and wonderful NEW YEAR. I heard so many stories about the 2012..Myan calender ..end of the world etc.  Of couse for my curiousity I wanted to get some information my way...So I started to Meditate with intention of what's really going to happen in 2012...
The information I got was as follows.. I saw that there are going to be some changes in the earth structure  for sure, and also climate changes, earth shifts etc.

Reiki Experience

I had no experience about Reiki but Shradha made me feel comfortable. My first experience was very soothing and has given me inner strength. I recommend Shradha to all who are curious, open and desiring to improve their lives.

simple self Meditation

Simple Self-Healing Meditation

“Sit (or lie down) with spine straight. Breathing only through the nose, inhale deeply then recite aloud: 

Healthy Am I, Happy Am I, Holy Am I

Inhale deeply again, feeling divine, loving, healing energy pouring into your body with each inhalation, and repeat the affirmation again. Continue for several minutes, taking in a deep breath between each cycle. Continue for as long as you choose. Do not be shy, chant loudly and forcefully so that the message sinks into your subconscious!

Many Blessing...

As I was mediating today, I got the message so loud that I just couldn't hold myself from sharing that with others. I saw my dear dog " PRADA" who I lost in summer of 2011. She died of  double pneumonia . I always felt her her around me all the time. So today as I was doing my mediation, I thought of her...and next thing, she was next to me. She was as usual all happy and playful as she always was. In fact she had the most wonderful golden glow around was amazing to see her again. As she sat next to me, I just started to cry....(remember I am mediating)  but these tears were the happy ones. I felt this intense  love from her  that I cant explain and I knew she was OK. She said she is very happy where she is and watching all of us....the the message came in  " DON'T CRY FOR THE THINGS THAT ARE GONE , LET GO ,BE HAPPY AND LOOK AHEAD CAUSE THERE ARE MORE THINGS IN LIFE THAT ARE WAITING TO HAPPEN IF WE JUST ALLOW THEM TO COME IN ....."

Miracles everyday

As we get up every morning, we are so caught up in our routine that we forget to thank our blessing. As a mother of two daughters I know how hard it is to "just go with it". My kids ages,eleven and seven, constantly remind me that  I need to take things easy and not get stressed over  small things. Just the other day, when I was on  the freeway driving my kids to school  in very heavy traffic. I was getting irritated thinking my kids won't reach school on time. They will get tardy.

Some where out there..

Since I remember as a child, I always had a special bond with animals. Somehow they always came to me for different reasons. Once when I was  12 yrs. old , this very beautiful white Seagull,  who was flying ,all of a sudden started descending downwards. At that time I was in India and I remember I always liked to watch sunset from this particular  spot. We were not  very close to the shore but I remember this bird came from nowhere.As I saw this bird my first instinct told me to just rush down from the building and save the bird, so I did.
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