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My thoughts.
My thoughts
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It's never too late..
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Nirvana Bracelets


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It's never too late...
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Nirvana Bracelets

I want to say thank you.... I bought a prayer bracelet for my husband it is for protection, security and calm. Wow a few days later his coworkers requested the same bracelet for them too...
I can't tell you how much the bracelet protected him. I bought one for each member of my family. I encourage everyone to get one. It works people!!!!!! it really does. 
Thank you again

Good morning...

Good morning,It's Monday. Have a great week ahead to all. Be positive, think positive and notice all those things we have in our life to be grateful for. Acknowledge that and thank god for those things we have got so far because sometimes we forget to look at the things we already have and long for those things which never ment to be ours. Don't take things or people for granted. We all are here for a reason it's just matter of time we understand that. So let's try to make others happy by ourselves being happy and by saying thank you..! Have a great day you all.....!

Some where out there..

Since I remember as a child, I always had a special bond with animals. Somehow they always came to me for different reasons. Once when I was  12 yrs. old , this very beautiful white Seagull,  who was flying ,all of a sudden started descending downwards. At that time I was in India and I remember I always liked to watch sunset from this particular  spot. We were not  very close to the shore but I remember this bird came from nowhere.As I saw this bird my first instinct told me to just rush down from the building and save the bird, so I did.
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