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My thoughts
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Self Meditation

Message for us all....

Today, Wednesday...
As I started to do my mediation today.....calling on all my angels and spirit guides, masters and god. I, as usual startED to fly in the sky in the clouds. It  is the most wonderful feeling I get whenever I do the mediation ..I love it.... Today's mediation was different-l little emotional I must  say. I mean I always go to places and get the information before hand about some significant event which takes place ...This particular one I want to share with you all.

simple self Meditation

Simple Self-Healing Meditation

“Sit (or lie down) with spine straight. Breathing only through the nose, inhale deeply then recite aloud: 

Healthy Am I, Happy Am I, Holy Am I

Inhale deeply again, feeling divine, loving, healing energy pouring into your body with each inhalation, and repeat the affirmation again. Continue for several minutes, taking in a deep breath between each cycle. Continue for as long as you choose. Do not be shy, chant loudly and forcefully so that the message sinks into your subconscious!
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