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Dont take anyone for granted.

Updated: Mar 5


This is something made me realized that life is so small and we really don't know what going to happen in next minute in our life. 

It was around 11.30 or so and everyone in the hospital were talking about this particular dog and was I got interested and asked what was going on? I was told that this one particular family came in the hospital not  because they wanted to but for the county gave them no choice. They had a big German Shepard dog who was around 7 years old. This dog never been to any hospital, never given any shots, what soever. His nails were like bear claws, meaning they were  never been trimmed or cut before. Today they were visiting the hospital because the county wanted that dog to have shots and to have the lump removed. He had the biggest lump on his chest under the neck almost seven to eight pounds big. This dog was so fat that hospital staff had to bring him in the hospital in a stretcher.  He couldn't t even walk. This was too much for me to see. I was feeling so bad for this dog already.

After talking with the doctor these people said that they need some time to think about the estimate that was given to them by the hospital staff. So they left the dog in the room and went out side in the reception area.

This dog was left alone in the visiting room for the longest time by his owners This dog was getting anxious and didn't know how to react, so he started crying but this people were so ruthless that they did't even come to see him in that room. My heart felt the pain, so I went in the room. The minute I went in I saw this dog was desperate to get out but couldn't even get up because of his weight and that lump. They come in to the room after an 45 min or so to let the hospital staff know that they do not want to treat that dog and so want to euthanize him for good. This was a shock to me but looking at the background of this situation and the people, I was not surprised cause I see too many people like these  who are too caught up  in there life for selfish reasons that they don't even realize what blessing giving up. 

I just can't stand this thought but this was not my stand to fight on. This was their dog and it was their decision.  They singed the papers and left not even saying goodbye to this beautiful soul. I was watching this whole thing from the distance. When this dog came in the treatment room he was anxious, did not know what to expect. Poor thing.

I  asked the doctor if I can sit with this dog and offer him a Reiki. Once given ok from the doctor,I sat with him and asked him for his permission to start Reiki. At first the dog didn't understand what I was saying and just wanted to get up and leave but his body wont let him do that since his lump was touching the ground, it was very hard to watch him struggle. After ten minutes or so I think he understood what I was trying to do to him cause he started to talk to me. By this time I was giving him Reiki from a distance. Once he got familiar with the flow of Reiki from my hand, he started to feel comfortable and so  I invited angels to take care of him at this time.

After getting comfortable with me, he started communicating with me. 

He told me that he does not understand why he was left here without his family. He was waiting  for them to come and take him home. He was telling me that he knows that they are coming and he will go home happy. He was waiting like a baby who waits for the mom to be fed. He had no idea in couple hours his life was going to be  over on this earth and that his family had given up on him for good. I was crying inside. I didn't know what to tell him and at the same time I knew what I was supposed to do. 

So, I told him the truth that his family had left him behind because they don't want him anymore. They can't take care of him anymore. They had left him with us so he can go away. When I hold him this, I saw him looking me in my eyes surprised- I think he was checking if I was telling him this for real or what (the image I cant forget).Then he said that he was always good with them. They did abuse him a lot but I didn't complain to anyone. They didn't groom him but  he didn't care. They hurt him a lot but he didn't care and he still loved them always. He told me that he was left alone home for long hours but he didn't mind that either. This dear dog was crying his heart out to me and I was helplessly sitting next to him listening. 

I knew the time was running out. I told him that he is with me and the doctor now and we love you a lot. He  been a good dog all along and I know that. I told him that now is his time to move on and go to that other side ,the better side  where he is going to meet all his friends and family who are  going take care of him. He will no more have pain and will have happy life in doggie heaven. I told him that the can run there how much he wants, eat whatever he wants, and go wherever he wishes, but this the time he has to go. After me telling him this , he looked at me with peace in his eyes, lifted his neck, licked my hand and said that he is now ready to move on and he loves me a lot. With this he thanked me for showing him the better side where he can count on others and have fun. 

I felt the tears rolling down  from my eyes but at the same time I felt a relief that this dog was ready to leave happily and I helped him make this transition. And for the last time he  saw me in my eye and said good bye with this he  said now he is ready to go and have fun.. So he was given the injection and soon he was gone in peace..I felt very sad and as well as happy that I could help him with his transition into the other world. I thanked him and thanked Reiki as I saw him gone. In my heart he has left that love  that can never be filled by other one. I blessed him and asked Angels to take care of him.( I  am sorry if i got too emotional ). 

This one story made me realize that we in life take things for granted. We don't know what we have until we loose them for ever. I think if we show little compassion to each other, then our lives will be easy and we can enjoy the beauty that god have given us to share with. Please love your pets. They are here to teach us a beautiful lesson in life of how to love others unconditionally. 

God bless you all...

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