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Updated: Mar 5

My life has totally changed after I interacted with Reiki Master Shradha.Before I met her I had no idea about the power of Reiki and Angels can have on persons life.But after I interacted with her, I could feel the sudden burst of energy and the power of natural healing actually working for me.During my appointment with her I suddenly felt deeply emotional, and could feel and sense the energy all around me. She was able to recollect my childhood events of which she did not have any previous knowledge of, and was also able see and feel my surroundings and neighborhood without even being there. She could feel and detect the vibes and helped me to take necessary action to garner and attract positive energy like a magnet.She helped me overcome my fearful and self defeating inabitions, and helped me heal myself to be a calm, positive person who after that felt truely divine.For a person like me who had negative thinking all around me, She showed how to traverse the path of positivity through Reiki.Shradha is truly talented and knowledgeable and I am very grateful and thankful for helping me.It has worked for me, it has helped me and I am now a happier person!

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