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It's never too late..

Updated: Mar 5

I am sure that everyone of us have asked god sometime in their life " WHY ME? " Why this happened to me? Why I am not happy?...

Well,  what I think is that most of the time we don't take time to think and we take things for granted. Well, for instance take god as an example, how many of us think of a god when we are happy in our lives. We have a habit of blaming someone for our mistakes. And who can we blame when there a  "God" who supposedly take care of us or that person or people who are an authority at that point in our life, well,  they can be  parents, teachers, mentors, or a friend  etc. 

Here is the irony, we make mistakes in our lives, don't listen to our "gut feelings"  and act  impulsively without thinking of the consequences. Of course things don't go as we plan or expect  and then instead of looking for the solutions we start  blaming  the God or the person in charge. Deep inside we know what the problem is, why things went wrong but we don't want to take the responsibility for our actions and  just want to blame others for it. It is easy to blame someone then to admit our faults.

I think this shows how shallow we all are or it may be just how the  human nature it. Don't get me wrong, I am not a hypocrite. I was there once too but I came out of the cycle of this rut by being true to myself, being spiritual, by following my gut feelings, by understanding that for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction ( sir Isaac newton's law). Don't forget  our  thoughts are making our destiny.  Funny Ya! but really when somethings tell us to watch out for the particular situation or saying  just be careful then just listen that inner voice which is trying to tell us something. I am sure every one of us have this experience in our lives at some point..  So many people have told me that when they had such a experience, they just ignored it and went what they thought was a quick fix. Of course  they got in trouble and when things didn't turn the way they wanted it, they started blaming others for not being there for them. All this  time. I have seen them saying only if I would have listened to my "gut feeling", I would have been happier or I already knew it.

Trust me every time if we listen our inner self, our life will become more easier to live. I am telling you this because I have experienced it myself. When we will start taking responsibility for our actions we will feel more satisfied and in control of our life. 

Blaming will not help anyone cause if we blame someone then we will just  keep on making same mistakes over and over again and won't learn from it. ...It's never too late to change our actions, our thoughts and ourselves....!You can take the steps, it's just a start.. Try it..... thank me later! but get better for good....

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