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Live Life To the Fullest....

When the time is right, thing will automatically fall in the right place in our life. Mean while just learn to calm ourselves and keep on doing what is required for the moment. Then stop, think and learn how things manifest in our lives in positive ways if we think positive..cause positive always attract just be positive, be happy in your life. 

I know it's hard to think straight when we are stressed, confused and annoyed.

But you know what at the end of the day, lets know that we are here on this earth and in lifetime  to learn something from others as well as from ourselves. Ya, things become harder to get or sometimes even impossible but still there is a  beauty in the process because we try our best to achieve something we want and to become successful. Sure, some times we come very close to the achievement but somehow we miss the opportunity or chance  and someone else gets it which makes us mad, angry, disappointed in life but that's ok. 

These experiences are make us stronger  so that as we get older become capable to help others in our life like our kids, their kids and so on. We are like a tree who gets the the heat of the summer  but at the same time it gives refuge to different birds, animals even human 

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