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Message for us all....

Updated: Mar 5

Today, Wednesday... As I started to do my mediation today.....calling on all my angels and spirit guides, masters and god. I, as usual startED to fly in the sky in the clouds. It  is the most wonderful feeling I get whenever I do the mediation ..I love it.... Today's mediation was different-l little emotional I must  say. I mean I always go to places and get the information before hand about some significant event which takes place ...This particular one I want to share with you all. Don't think that I am making it up but it is the way I got the information from the supreme being..the universal power so to speak. I do not mean to hurt anyone or offend anyone..Saying so, If I do offend anyone I am very sorry..but I must put this out in open for people who want to hear this....I hope everyone understands!!   So today I went to venzvila, S. America. ( I was also told Spain or Spanish maybe spanish speaking country ).There I saw beautiful white houses with dark roofs on them... Was very wonderful. I was happy. I was enjoying the were playing -they were wearing white dress/ cloths with red or colored belt around their waist..nice one. For me It looked like they had something going on like a celebration of some sort.. This place was on  the top of the mountain though., pretty close to the ocean ..houses were very close to each other..the people were very friendly with each other...and all of a sudden the earth started to to shake and started to sink in from one side . started from the small hole in a ground  to the biggest one just kept on happening...i just could see the houses that were sinking in with people ,kids, things I mean every thing that was in the path of the area ,just going in the earth at such a speed that I could not believe ...These people were not even aware of these happenings..I was shaken by it ..From where I was, I could just see the deep hole that was just getting bigger and bigger. The dust , the bright light that was coming from under ground .I mean it was very scary... I just felt like running away from this place..but when I see these kinds of things, nothing is in my hand, I am just like "the viewer" u know.  The feeling was so intense that I could feel these peoples' feeling, cries and fear that I literally started to shake ..My whole body as i remember started to shiver...cold just came in my body as if i was in the freezer..i was cold like whole backbone was cold and my teeth were making noise as if i was stranded in the snow without any cloths....Weird feeling.. I saw lots of innocent people were losing their loved ones.... I don't think I could explain it in any different way. But anyways, after asking my spirit guides, I was given date of April 15-17th 2012.. I felt for mother earth as well...I also could feel her vibrations...and trust me they were not good ....I felt mother earth was not happy...she didn't mean these things to happen.....then I stated to a baby ..(I could feel my tears which was the only think i could feel was hot on my body at that time).  After that I saw some tectonic plates in the ocean ( I saw the gap in between the two me i am not a smart one to talk on this subject, I am just giving information that came to me). The gap was moving against each other which started the great waves but this is somewhere in the deep ocean cause I could see the deep blue calm water, sun was shining which is I think should be  a daylight... After a while, from there,I went from to CA....I could see the freeways if I know better it was 134 and 210 ( near Pasadena area i think...) the earthquake..It  hits us in the daylight...traffic every where..lots of people were hurt, fire and all chaos. cars pilled up onto into each other,, horrible ...dates were given to me were from April 2nd till 18th....2012... There are some other things that I was shown but I don't think it will be appropriate for me to say it out loud ....but instead i will like to say that we all just have to be aware of other countries who are not in favor of ours and be ready to stand for ourselves...things are going to be tough for us and we need to be together. We should not just believe others and take their worlds just because..! I think what I  want to say is even that we are going to face some hardships for a while...the more prepared we are, we have chances of survival...yes, we can do, we have done it before and so we can do this now, stand together, and stay together and enjoy every minute with your loved ones cause even tomorrow things change we will have each other for ever.    I of course hope that all these things that I saw wont happen the way I saw them happen but if they do then at least I can feel better that I passed on the message that I got and shared with you all. I know this message will reach the people who need to read and prepare them selves.... GOD BLESS US ALL NOW AND ALWAYS! AMEN....

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