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Miracles everyday

Updated: Mar 5

As we get up every morning, we are so caught up in our routine that we forget to thank our blessing. As a mother of two daughters I know how hard it is to "just go with it". My kids ages,eleven and seven, constantly remind me that  I need to take things easy and not get stressed over  small things. Just the other day, when I was on  the freeway driving my kids to school  in very heavy traffic. I was getting irritated thinking my kids won't reach school on time. They will get tardy. My kids told me " Mom it's ok if we get late that is  not the end of the world". They suggested that we can find a different route from tomorrow so we can avoid the traffic.  After hearing this from my older daughter, I was impressed to see how she has grown into a fine young girl with this calm temperament. So I took the advice the next day and for my surprise we  not only reach school on time but also traffic free. Nowadays my kids  reach school on time every day. 

This incident made me think that we  as adults don't really take our kids suggestions easy at times. We think the kids are just kids, what do they know about life, situations and problems, we go through. When you actually think about it, kids know what we go through but may not say it for various reasons. 

Nowadays, kids have more of a sense to understanding things then us. I think this is a total different breed of kids that have come on to the earth to make a change in everyones life. I know for some this example may not mean anything but for me it is a lot. It gives me the sense of being a parent who pays attention to the kids thinking and for me it makes a big difference in kids life as well. 

As for me, I am very thankful to the god to give me an opportunity to have these kids in my life. I am very proud to be their mom. I love them very much.  

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