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Updated: Mar 5

Slow down and breath!

We all get caught up in our everyday life in general like routine of getting up in the morning, get yourself and kids ready (if you have any) for their school, breakfast, then go to work or whatever your chores are to do for the day. We have become machine and we have forgotten that there is something extra ordinary out there that happens to us every morning when we wake up. I call it 

" A present"! where are given a second chances to do things right.  You may ask "How do we do it ? "

Well, I have RA and some mornings I get up with severe pain all over my body. I remember at times when I get up with pain, I don't  want to do anythings at all but  rest. But well when things don't go my way, I just get very frustrated, mad with myself and everyone else whose around me. I know it's not fair but it happens. We all go through this, I know. You may ask" so what?"  That's how it works. 

May be but we can change this if we want to. I want to change myself so that everyone in my family can have a good day. If I put this one thought out in the universe then the ripple effect will be enormous. I know that for sure.

I think we just need to take deep breath and thank the universe to keep us alive and to see how wonderful our "present" is !

Look and thank the sun for coming in every morning to greet us with open hand with its warmth and for making us  aware of us being alive, the wind that flows around us that we breath in and out reminding us that life is there to enjoy. The moon comes everyday and does his job by balancing the earth, the water that teaches us to balance our life. These all the example in our lives are here to teach us that God has created us to enjoy if we take time out to realize them. 

Our lives are not complicated but indeed, we make it complicated by being selfish, mean, arrogant, greedy, etc. We always wanted others to feel  bad about themselves by criticizing  them for whatever reason. 

Deep inside your soul if you take a look, you will find someone who is hurting a may be from the childhood memories, disappointments, or other issues which are not resolved. Some unfinished business or issues we call them.We all deal with it differently. Some people block those painful memories, some feel sad or become depressed, some  may become aggressive towards others or some believing in taking revenges. But do you think this is the right way to deal with our issues. 

What if we let go of the past and not revisit those Painful memories and just go forward with our life and appreciate what we have now.Or at least to take a first baby step towards the bright future.


Look at the bright side of every issue rather than looking at what we are missing or dwell on what if?  Instead, Look how fortunate we are that we can thankful for something or someone in our lives. Cherish them, Cherish those memories that you had made with the other one. Thank them for being there in your life that may be your mother, Father, daughter, brother, sister , husband, grandparents etc because remember there no coincidences! Thank the God. Thank the universe for giving us such a great opportunity to express our feelings openly.

We all are inter connected. We are the direct decedents of the source. We just need to remember that then just breath and let go.  Trust me we all will be better people on the planet earth. Do you believe me ?


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