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Some where out there..

Updated: Mar 5

Since I remember as a child, I always had a special bond with animals. Somehow they always came to me for different reasons. Once when I was  12 yrs. old , this very beautiful white Seagull,  who was flying ,all of a sudden started descending downwards. At that time I was in India and I remember I always liked to watch sunset from this particular  spot. We were not  very close to the shore but I remember this bird came from nowhere.As I saw this bird my first instinct told me to just rush down from the building and save the bird, so I did. The bird was so beautiful and gigantic . At first I  got scared and couldn't take my eyes of the seagull. He was just like a snowball with white long wings  and shiny black  eyes. Before this day,  I always saw seagulls in movies on seashore,but this one actually added spark in my life. 

So I picked him up even though I was little panicked and was unsure what to expect of  him.After all this bird was an exotic species.  He had just glided  into my arms as if he had been already in contact with me. I knew he was scared but at the same time there was this generous feeling I felt for him . When my hands slept under his body, he felt like a snowball rolling on top of me. As time passed by, I started to  hug and talk to him. After I  took a good look at him, I found out that one of his wing was tangled into something and  hurting him. So i untangled his wing and took small sticks and branches that were bothering him. Since it was night, I decided to put him in my room. So I arranged a bed for him to sleep in. I  fed him,  gave him  water, and both slept. 

When the sun arose, he became very uneasy.  I was certain that he had a well-rested night.

I then realized that it was a time for him to take a long journey from my home to his family.  I fed him once more, gave him water . Just before i agrees to let him go, I  realized i didn't want to leave me.

 I knew that  if I let him go, I would never be able to retrieve him.  But most importantly,i wanted to make sure he would be able to fly in the sky where he belonged. i made sure that he could fly by letting him spread his wings slowly and efficiently. Even though my room was not big, it had enough room for the bird to spread his wings and fly.He gave me an excellent preview of what he was capable of doing and I was very happy to see him well and strong again. Soon I  allowed him to leave . For the last time I took a good look at the bird and I noticed that he was  looking at me with  gratitude. I saw his beautiful wings take off and  once again I felt alone. But somehow in my heart I still know he is somewhere out there looking for me..

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