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Welcome 2018.

Updated: Mar 4

Welcome 2018

As we said goodbyes to year 2017--2018 arrived and we welcomed it with open arms and a smile on the face. After all it's a new year, a year with new hopes, dreams and expectation right?

Everyone want to have a new resolution  which can be great if we keep it up with it.

These are my thoughts from my soul and see if these relates to you as well. For me 2017 was a good year. I learned alot, met new people. I kind of became an outgoing person. My older daughter turned 18 this year and I kind of found myself again. Don’t get me wrong, I love to be mom of my kids but in those years  but I was just “MOM” I lost myself somewhere i didnt know where, but that didnt bother me because this was my growing family. and I was a big part of it. 

As all parents do, I devoted my life for my kids, husband and family. So now when I look back, I see that I have learned so many wonderful things about life, kids,pets and family. I am so  grateful to my husband who dedicated his life to work so that  I can stay home and take care of our kids, the  universe for finding me a great husband who cares for his family and of course  God for giving me the strength,opportunity, talent, faith, and time to take care of it  all. As the new year approached, I said bye to year 2017 and offered my gratitude.

I think we should always be grateful  to the year that has passed. We learned so much from the previous year knowing or unknowingly. We also  have got one one year older as well got smarter than the year before! We just have to make sure about not to repeat mistakes again in life.  Life is teaching us something at all the time but as humans we try to ignore it all.  We should learn from our experiences and then should move on.

Ya there will be heartaches, hardships which we have gone through but at the same time there was a relief, hope, love. We always like to look at things that we don't have and wish for the things we don't have but in this mindset we lose our present.

I think we are always running after something while we ignore what we have. There is always something in our life that is beautiful, extraordinary but we get so caught up and start looking for something in our lives. In fact, all of us have everything we need within us if we take a good look at ourselves and within us.

If we don’t get what what we desire, we get mad and act on that impulse  Sometimes things go really wrong and you have to suffer the consequences for that action. It just we need to slow down and look at things in a different  point of view.

See, I think, No one is born bad ,the circumstances, environment treat individual differently which impacts people’s personalities, their lives. We are still the same- a part of god believe it or not. Time is a best lesson that everyone learns in their life. Like childhood does not come again in anyone’s life the same way same time, same circumstances and chances does not come again, once they are gone, they are gone forever. So lets make a best of it ya?

Remember time does not wait for anyone. TIME HAS TO MOVE ON so why do we have to be stuck with the same thoughts, behavior, actions., expectations.Why?

God has blessed humans with great intelligence and given us a gift of forgiving others who have done us wrong. I know its hard but we can take the first step towards it and be the better one.  For me ,this year going to be  different. I am going to do what I always wanted to do-help others. I am a holistic healer and I am going to use all my modaliites that I have for others, now that I have time and space.   

These are just my thoughts! I look at things differently.  Don’t know if this will be for everyone but i think if we decide to be good to everyone WE CAN ALL DO IT.     

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